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Hey, friends! Do you like to travel, but you may be short on time, the work schedule is not as flexible, or the budget isn’t just there yet? If you live in a place where it’s colder, you may already be thinking about your favorite warm spots, or just need to get away to shake off the mundane. I know from experience that having cabin fever isn’t the business, and I need to do something fun between now and summer. That includes traveling!

I have some tips that may solve your wanderlust.



Research, research, research

Figure out where you’d like to go. Maybe you can’t go right now, but if you plan, your process will be easier.


Think about day / weekend trips

If going out of town for an extended period of time is not in the works, consider a smaller scaled trip. Being away for a day or two can be the breath of fresh air you need.  Also, the prep time may be less involved. Nothing wrong with being spontaneous.

Give yourself a radius of how far you’ll travel. For me, it’s about 4-5 hours, either by car or bus. You can still have lots of fun, even if you’re close by. Definitely start your trip earlier in the day; you’ll have less traffic to deal with and you’ll be able to enjoy your time exploring.


Being a tourist in your own town 

If you live in a metropolitan area, check out new spots in your region. Nothing wrong with revisiting a particular town. Do you follow local businesses or other bloggers in your area on social media? Visit some of their posts and you might find some hidden treasures. 🙂


Travel somewhere in its off-season

This is a great option to travel without having the headache. A few years ago, my friend and I stayed a few days in Rehoboth Beach, in April, right before summer season began. The place we rented was cheaper, and we didn’t have to struggle to find parking. A little chilly, but it was a wonderful spring break getaway.


Buy your ticket / reserve ahead of time

If your schedule allows, mark the window of the days you’ll be away, then purchase tickets and make reservations.  As you know, when the window closes in, prices rise. Don’t want that. For a lot of hotels and car reservations, there is a period when you can cancel without getting charged.


Ask others about your desired trip location

Do you know of anyone who have visited? Get some recommendations from them. When I’ve traveled,  I always tried to get pointers from family and friends.


Sales and discounts = use them

Through Google, traveling websites and apps, specific twitter accounts, you can save and travel well. Here is a link that can help.


Having flexibility with your lodging

AirBnBs and hotels are always a good choice. Sometimes staying with friends or family is nice if the option is available. Consider how much time you’ll be there. If you’re only staying at the hotel just to sleep and you’ll be out and about all day, you may want to find an affordable spot. Of course, safety first!


Travel with friends/ family

Splitting costs helps. Plus, if you’re not as comfortable traveling alone, it’s good to be with people you know.


Putting money aside for the bigger trips

Start saving now. Little by little, it helps. A dollar here? Twenty there? Maybe the spare change will be for your food or other spending money for the trip. It’s always great to set a goal and reaching it.


Hope these helped. If you go anywhere this year, have a great time!

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