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Tissue Paper Flowers

Hey there. Our church had a fundraiser brunch for kids in our youth group and I wanted to help out somehow. So, I put on a different kind of creative hat and helped decorate the tables by making tissue paper flowers.

I’m artistic, but not in the crafty/painting kind of way. But thanks to Jesus and extensive research on Pinterest, I found the best DIY instructions to follow. Here are the links: Rust & Sunshine, Key Lime Digital Designs.

With these flowers, you only have to spend a few dollars. I got the tissue paper and pipe cleaners at the dollar store.  You can also use flower wire if you want to create more elaborate flowers.

My mother, who’s the party planner/decorating extraordinaire, let me borrow a few of her vases.

Since I was busy on Saturday, I had to make them later on the evening. After several tries (and ridiculous fails), I finally got into a groove.

Here’s a short clip from IG:


They’re kinda cute and I liked the color combos.

This one, I used four colors. So pretty.

With the pretty tablecloths, we had a nice spring-vibe upstairs.

Have you made these before? Do you like creating decorations for parties or your house? Let me know. 🙂


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