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I did not inherit the green thumb trait and gardener’s sensibilities from my wonderful grandmother, but I do enjoy the fruit of the Earth’s labor. Now that spring is finally here, I notice the blossoms all around, and that’s a great thing. I always have a smile on my face when I see flowers. Just so beautiful to look at it. They’re the perfect model to photograph.

Do you like to brighten up your space with flowers?  Even if they’re the synthetic bouquets from the craft store, I think they create a beautiful aesthetic for a room.

It’s probably obvious, but my favorite flower is the rose.  I’m still trying to figure out why it’s my favorite. Maybe while growing up in the dance world and seeing that when a performer receive roses, that’s the ultimate highlight. Plus, all the romantic connotations stuck with me.  Sentimental value, I guess. But goodness gracious, they’re just so pretty.

I also adore hydrangeas! But that’s for the summer and the beach! (*giggles*)

I always like to have flowers on the table. I think they make it look special. – Ina Garten

What’s your favorite flower? Do you have a favorite memory of when flowers meant a lot to you?

On my 24th birthday, my Dad gave me two dozen roses. That was very nice of him to do that for me. It still makes me smile.

Yesterday morning, I took some shots of the roses in the dining room. Couldn’t resist. That reminds me – I need to make plans to wander around with my camera! So thankful it’s finally getting warmer.

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