That’s My Song: Talking Is Hard (Walk The Moon)

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I know you’ve heard of “Shut Up + Dance”.

On several occasions.

But did you know there were other songs performed by Walk the Moon?

When the song came out, I avoided it at all costs. I’m not a Top 40 fan.  I don’t listen to the local pop stations that offer current hits. In passing, when tracks come out, I’ll hear, at most, the hook. “Shut Up…” sounded “blah” at first, so I just kept it scooting.

But I bought the free single on iTunes, right before the song blew up. Then, randomly about a month later, I checked out Talking Is Hard online….and I got all of my life.

In my opinion, the rest of the album is completely different, sound-wise.

I’m a sucker for ’80s Brit-style pop (Tears for Fears), so I thoroughly enjoyed the album. There are different vibes through the record, which excited me. I like all kinds of genres, speeds, ideas…so it was just right for me. You can hear some African influences (“Sidekick”), ’80s (“Down in the Dumps”), then major pop and guitar-driven stuff. It runs the gamut.  The band has a great sense of storytelling.

The last track, “Aquaman” is my absolute favorite.  A little slower in tempo, catchy phrases and melody.  And then the subtle key change right before the last chorus….made me rewind several times because I wasn’t expecting it.

If you haven’t listened, check it out. You may like it.

Doesn’t hurt that I’m going to Nashville this weekend to finally see them perform. Pumped!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some pictures and post a few clips next week.


October 11, 2015
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