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That’s My Song: Midnight (Lianne La Havas)

Music is an important part of my life. Very eclectic tastes – I have everything on my iPod, from classic rock to pop to trap hip-hop. If it has a beat, makes me move, or tugs at my heartstrings, I’m all for it.  I love finding new music and artists. Whenever I hear something – a full selection or a snippet on a commercial –  and it piques my interest, I gravitate towards it.

I randomly heard “Midnight” in a store last week and I immediately opened my Shazam app.  The voice sounded familiar; when the title popped up, I smiled, because Miss Lianne La Havas is a gem.  You may have heard her first big song, “Is Your Love Big Enough?”  A friend of mine, who is a beautiful jazz/musical theatre performer, went to a Lianne concert a while back and thoroughly enjoyed her show.

You better believe I put this tune on my Spotify “go-to” playlist. Perfect song to play in the car or while you’re doing work, or just relaxing.  It has a great, smooth vibe.  Her voice is unique, raw, and so pretty.  Just laid-back, soulful music.

lianne spotify

Check out this version I found online. I think you’ll be impressed with her!


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