Taking My Photography Hobby Seriously

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I love taking pictures.

Capturing moments, settings, awesome views, facial expressions. It’s so cool to me. It reminds me of choreography and theatre staging. Having a theme or concept in mind, and working on achieving the right shot at the right time. I love it.  So, I’ve been dabbling for a few years, but at the end of last year, I made the decision to step it up with my photography.  After I took my friend Ica’s workshop in January, it was on!

Y’all know my theme for the year was “Challenge yourself”.  Learning more, doing more.  Bringing my camera along with me and experimenting with lenses. Stepping out and sharing my photos on social media. Actually telling people that I take pictures.  I haven’t always been good at promoting my work or informing, but I’m growing into that confidence. And I have some awesome friends who have been so encouraging all year. So, if you’re reading  – thank you!

Because of my commitment and awesome favor, it has led to some cool opportunities, which included my first paid gig.

Last month, I shot a surprise birthday party. I was nervous, I don’t know why; but thankfully all went well.

I rented a camera body (Nikon D7100) from BorrowLenses.com, which is a great resource for anyone who wants to try out cameras before buying. The rates are fabulous and their customer service is on point!

It was an intimate setting, with my friend’s aunt (the birthday girl) and their family and friends. It was a great start to learn about event photography and great to capture these moments. Everyone was dressed up, and the guest of honor was thoroughly surprised – she had no clue that everyone was going to be there!

Here are a few of my favorites:

The birthday girl!

My friend’s parents. I had to include them in this wonderful event!

I knew the editing process is no joke, but knowing I was going to hand them over, added more weight to it. I was extremely nit-picky about everything. (Very good practice for future projects.) But once I sent the album over, and reading my friend’s response, it made it all worth it.

In the process, I learned more about what to do, adjustments to make, how to get better at this thing. But I am so thankful for the opportunity!

Looking forward:  Thought of a name for my “brand”, bought a domain a few weeks ago. I’ll share with you soon. 🙂 It’s an exciting time. Hopefully by April, I’ll know which new camera to get! So I can use it for projects, work events, and of course, the blog.  As with my main job (teaching dance/choreography), it’s always great to do something you love and have passion for as a job.  I will always enjoy taking photos, but this new level (being paid to do it) is quite intriguing. So, finding the balance will be key.

Who knows where the Lord will take me with my photography… But I know it will all be good things.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m reminded of a Scripture that has encouraged me all year long:

What have you done in 2017 that challenged you and took you out of your comfort zone, but it led to some awesome opportunities? Let me know.


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