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    My Easy Makeup Look

    How simple or intricate is your makeup routine?

    I know it varies for everyone. Some just need moisturizer and mascara before walking out the door. Or, they choose to not even wear makeup. I wish I was in that category! For others, a full beat is required. And that’s okay!

    Lately, I’ve usually put on something, so I’m not scaring folks or having them think I’m always sleep deprived. I can’t always keep my sunglasses on. LOL.

    But here are my go-to’s for an easy look, for just going out, or when I have to do these video conference calls (this is a new thing for me).

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    That's My Song

    That’s My Song: It’s Too Late (Carole King)

    Yesterday was Carole King’s birthday (February 9th)!  I don’t know about you but she’s one of my favorite artists.  With an amazing gift of songwriting, Carole has been an influence to many.  Do you know that she wrote songs for other singers and groups before her solo career began? Not just ok songs…great songs.  Check out these lists: x and x. Read more