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    24 Hours At The Wharf

    Happy Monday, friends! FINALLY posting about my visit to Districf Wharf (“the Wharf”), back in the spring.

    This still growing development in Southwest Washington, is bustling with life and activities. I’ve been to the Wharf several times, but never long enough to really enjoy the area. We took a ladies’ overnight trip right before Easter and I’m so glad we went.

    The drive wasn’t too bad; once we got to the area, near the traffic light that leads in into the Wharf, it was congested. But that’s a given. So prep for that, as well as having patience to find parking, depending on the time of day.

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    Saturday In The Park

    My interest in photography has increased in the past year.  It’s another opportunity for me to be creative and share with others.  For whatever reason, I’ve been more comfortable documenting inanimate objects.  I never thought to take photos of people and I don’t take selfies often (blech!). If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that my opinion on the matter changed in the last two weeks. Read more