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    Giving Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday to everyone!

    Please take time to remind yourself of the many blessings you’ve received this year.  Sometimes it can be hard to see the good, but I know there’s something. 🙂  No matter how you celebrate – big family event, something small, even if you have to work (bless you!), there is always something to be thankful for.

    I am overwhelmed by how God has loved me, coming through time and again, taking care of me, making ways out of no way. I am truly grateful.

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    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (in the U.S.)!  So many facets to this special day.

    Getting all the food prepared. Setting your favorite decorations on the table.  Connecting with loved ones and friends. Watching your favorite movies or my favorite, football! Waking up “early” to watch the parades.

    Maybe you celebrated last month or at a different part of the year. Regardless of the date,  let’s backtrack to the main point.  It’s a day to remember.

    Let me ask you:  What are you thankful for? Read more