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    Planner Love

    Start The Year Off Right — Planning with PurpleTrail!

    This post is in collaboration with PurpleTrail. I was given a gift card to order items featured in this post.  All opinions are mine. Thank you for considering and supporting the brands who partner with Joyfully Inclined! 

    New year, new ideas, new ways to get things done.

    As a creative and freelancer, I’ve realized through trail and error, that it’s better for me to have a couple of planners/notebooks to store specific work-information. I’m weird but I have a main planner and a separate notebook, and I use them for different reasons.  I know that if I don’t write it down, it won’t get done.

    When I received an email from PurpleTrail about collaborating, I took the opportunity to check out their website that feature custom planners. I’m glad I did.  Read more

    Planner Love

    My Latest Buy: Stickers from The Happy Planner™

    When you use your planner or notebook, do you incorporate stickers?  I know this is a huge facet in scrapbooking and planning, with so many options. Creativity is everywhere and you can customize your notebook to your heart’s content! The extent of my colorful addition have been post-its and entries in different colors.  But I found a pack of stickers at Michaels while I was shopping for Christmas props, that I could not resist and I’m loving them. Read more