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    There’s Something About Flowers…

    I did not inherit the green thumb trait and gardener’s sensibilities from my wonderful grandmother, but I do enjoy the fruit of the Earth’s labor. Now that spring is finally here, I notice the blossoms all around, and that’s a great thing. I always have a smile on my face when I see flowers. Just so beautiful to look at it. They’re the perfect model to photograph.

    Do you like to brighten up your space with flowers?  Even if they’re the synthetic bouquets from the craft store, I think they create a beautiful aesthetic for a room.

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    My Life, Photography

    Taking My Photography Hobby Seriously

    I love taking pictures.

    Capturing moments, settings, awesome views, facial expressions. It’s so cool to me. It reminds me of choreography and theatre staging. Having a theme or concept in mind, and working on achieving the right shot at the right time. I love it.  So, I’ve been dabbling for a few years, but at the end of last year, I made the decision to step it up with my photography.  After I took my friend Ica’s workshop in January, it was on!

    Y’all know my theme for the year was “Challenge yourself”.  Learning more, doing more.  Bringing my camera along with me and experimenting with lenses. Stepping out and sharing my photos on social media. Actually telling people that I take pictures.  I haven’t always been good at promoting my work or informing, but I’m growing into that confidence. And I have some awesome friends who have been so encouraging all year. So, if you’re reading  – thank you!

    Because of my commitment and awesome favor, it has led to some cool opportunities, which included my first paid gig.

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    A Few Days in Richmond

    Last weekend, we went to Richmond, VA; my mother organized a ladies’ getaway for our church. It’s always around this time (September, right after school starts) that we discover new things in another town outside of our area. Remember my post about St. Michaels? Just a few days away from home, but full of activities and socializing.

    With its mark in history, profound architecture, and haven for culture and the arts, Richmond has plenty to offer for visitors.  Throughout the area, you can see a balance of historical and modern life. Here’s a glimpse of our trip. There are lots of pictures under the cut!

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