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    Planning & Organization

    Staying Organized | 5 Tools You Can Use!

    Do you use the start of a school year to get motivated or organized? Even if you’re not a student or have a family member in school?

    My main job (dance/theatre) occurs during the academic year (September-May).  With everything starting and getting back into full-gear, lots of information and emails come my way. Around this time, I prepare and refocus for the remainder of the year, with my creative jobs and as well as administrative work.

    Today, I’m sharing what I use to keep track of everything.

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    Planner Love

    My Latest Buy: Stickers from The Happy Planner™

    When you use your planner or notebook, do you incorporate stickers?  I know this is a huge facet in scrapbooking and planning, with so many options. Creativity is everywhere and you can customize your notebook to your heart’s content! The extent of my colorful addition have been post-its and entries in different colors.  But I found a pack of stickers at Michaels while I was shopping for Christmas props, that I could not resist and I’m loving them. Read more

    My Life

    Fresh Start!


    Things change, plans fail. I made a list in my head of all the things I wanted to do, in regards to life and this blog. But…nope! The perfectionist in me was cringing. I learned to just let go. The motivation to crank out posts or even try wasn’t there. Work stressed me out. So I allowed August to be the time that I let myself relax. Read more