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It Is Well

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Peace. We need it.

How about when you have lots on your plate and you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed? When things aren’t going your way or you’re facing a challenge.

Do you quit? How do you rise up from the emotional and physical tolls of life?

Sometimes (or a lot of times) you gotta talk to yourself, and remind yourself that you don’t have to do this alone.

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February 8, 2019

Learning A New Language

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Greetings and Happy November! I have a question for you.  Outside of English/your primary language, do you know a different language? I’m pretty sure it’s an obligation to take a foreign language in school, but do you use any of it now?  In high school, I took American Sign Language.  It was different than the regular options of Spanish and French, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

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November 2, 2017

Where Have You Been?

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I know, I know.

Been slacking big time.

Prepping for summer work, tidying up current projects.

But I’m here, finding inspiration in the little things.  Keeping track what makes me happy.

Here’s what I did since I posted last:

Saw Beyoncé. I got ALL of my life again.  You don’t have to be a diehard fan to enjoy the show. So much energy, which gets all of my attention. As a performer, that’s the ultimate kind of high. After I saw her, the dancers, and the band do their thing, it makes me want to perform and do better as an artist. But who am I kidding?  My passion isn’t there to be back on stage! 🙂

Watching the Tony Awards  – the Mecca of Musical Theatre… seeing my fave Hamilton win and other musicals do fabulously, allowing everyone to watch how brilliant they are. I screamed, squealed, and “Yahhhss”-ed throughout the evening. I hope you saw Lin-Manuel’s powerful acceptance speech. I highly recommend you catch some YouTube videos so you can relive the magic. (I will be writing about Hamilton this be ready!)

Visited three different HomeGoods in the area. When I tell you I saw so many fun and beautiful items that I wanted to take with me… There will be a massive photo post next week! All of the colors and props gave me ideas for something new.  It reminded me how much I enjoy home and event decor.

Summer officially starts next week; working in the mornings and having some free time in the afternoons. So that will be nice. My cooking project will start, so stay tuned for that!

Have a great weekend!


June 17, 2016