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Coffee Dates (In The DMV)!

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Do you meet up with friends for coffee or tea? Maybe you just need an hour or two to yourself, to relax, read, or work on a project outside of your normal environment. Coffee shops and cafes are an easy venue to socialize or have downtime.

Thank goodness for these little buildings of caffeinated joy.

Here are some spots in my area that you might want to visit.

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March 7, 2019

A New Way To Make My Coffee

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Happy Friday! How are you doing? Ready to kick off the weekend?

Every year, I decide to buy something and do something fun for my birthday. Most of the time, it’s around my birthday that a bulk of my workload is complete. Think of it as a pat on the back for pushing through the busy part of the year. I wanted to get an espresso machine or an item similar so I can make fancier drinks at home. Mind you, I’m the only person who drinks coffee, so getting a carafe-style machine would be pointless.

Looked online and found a coffee maker that worked with what I wanted…

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April 20, 2018

I Like My Coffee With Cream.

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Yeah, I do.

It’s a known fact that I enjoy the liquid goodness known as coffee.  Something about it, just makes me happy. When I get home from my morning, I brew a cup.  While I teach, it’s either water or coffee (hot or iced, depends on my mood).  But it’s a given that this is part of my daily routine.  Hey, have you seen my avatar on here or Instagram? Yeah. 🙂

So recently, I’ve had to adjust my diet for a bit.  I’m re-evaluating different things, finding healthy, energy-fueling, and yummy options for myself. Several hours of searching and finding lists on Pinterest.  That includes the creamer I use. I knew that there were “cleaner” alternatives to the regular creamers in the store (I haven’t been bold enough to make my own before).  I saw a creamer a few months ago and it just didn’t taste good. At all.

As I walked towards the dairy aisle the other day, I turned to my left, and found the light.  (Cue Hallelujah Chorus.) 


I found the Simply Pure creamer by International Delight.  As it’s stated on the label, only five ingredients used – a complete opposite than the whole paragraph of items in other products. Not too shabby! It’s not as sweet as I’m used to, but it’s very flavorful and works very well with my morning coffee. So, I’ll be picking this up every time I need a refill to sweeten my daily cup.

It’s been a constant experiment to replace the junk and switching it up, but at least I was able to find an easy solution for my coffee!

If you drink coffee with a tad (or lot) of creamer, which ones do you use?  Have you made your own before?


February 12, 2016