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This post is in collaboration with PurpleTrail. I was given a gift card to order items featured in this post.  All opinions are mine. Thank you for considering and supporting the brands who partner with Joyfully Inclined! 

New year, new ideas, new ways to get things done.

As a creative and freelancer, I’ve realized through trail and error, that it’s better for me to have a couple of planners/notebooks to store specific work-information. I’m weird but I have a main planner and a separate notebook, and I use them for different reasons.  I know that if I don’t write it down, it won’t get done.

When I received an email from PurpleTrail about collaborating, I took the opportunity to check out their website that feature custom planners. I’m glad I did. 

You can select the best format and subject fits your needs — weekly, teaching, wedding planning, binders, etc.  PurpleTrail also creates stationery, cards, invitations, and items for special events and business. It’s their specialty!

I was drawn to the blog/content planner, because my ventures grow, I need to stay organized and focused. (Thinking ahead!)

Received my package the week right before Christmas. Here are some shots:

Already, I was impressed with the details in the packaging. I loved being able to customize my cover and add the lamination. Just in case, coffee or water gets spilled. I’m glad I picked this cover — a constant reminder that I need to keep moving with the dreams and ideas I have.

The format is very nice. Monthly overview for my editorial calendar, a weekly breakdown for tasks, with sections to write goals, brainstorm, and track progress. Also, it’s a solution of having everything content-related in one place.

Add-ons: The options are expansive; you can add an address book, extra paper for notes, important dates, etc. Whatever you like! After going over everything, I picked a folder and an account tracker.

Along with content, you can choose the size of your planner.  The options are 6″ x 8″ and 8.5″ x 11″.  I picked the smaller one; easy for traveling and putting in whatever bag I’m using for the day.  The price point is very nice. Without any add-ons, the range is from $37-50.  That’s great for a quality, personalized planner!

Of course, I perused the “accessories” section and I found these cool felt-tip marker pens! And as you can see, I added that to my shopping cart. (No surprise, right? I love a good colorful pen.)


Here is the unboxing!

If you or someone you know may be interested in using a customized planner for 2019 that works with your life or business, PurpleTrail is a great resource to check out.

Thanks, PurpleTrail for working with me on this special post!

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