Smile For The Camera (Video)

Last night’s FB live debut was interesting.  This was a legit step of faith – I am very particular about talking on camera. Too many cons in my mind.  I just wouldn’t do it.  Not even on Snapchat (Lol!). FaceTime? Forget about it. I was too scared.

I wanted to challenge myself and do more when it comes to the blog.  Connect with you, the reader. Visuals are important.  I was extremely nervous.  Fumbling over my words was going to happen.  But I needed to prove to myself that I could do this.

So, I prepared and I clicked “live”.  Thanks to y’all who stopped by and having a list of talking points (just in case), it wasn’t too bad.  I feel bad that I didn’t have enough to say.

Now I see why people like using this platform.  It’s interactive and it’s right now.  That’s always cool.

For those who asked questions, my answers are in the video. Thank you for submitting!

Check it out:

Talking on camera…. woof.  Still working on the confidence, but I finally did it.  We’ll see if I do some more.


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