Product Review: Argan Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics

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Collaboration: Thank you to Maple Holistics for making this post happen!

Since I began my hair growth journey (April ’18), I’ve been more viligant about finding quality products to use.  Personally, I gravitate towards products that help strengthen my hair.

Everyone’s hair is different, so it’s important to do research to find out what’s going on and what works best for you. Check out this blog post.

Recently, Maple Holistics reached out and asked if I wanted to try their products. Since I’m particular, I took comfort in knowing their products are made with natural products, void of parabens and sulfates, and cruelty-free. I asked if their products worked for all hair types, and they said yes!

After perusing the website, I chose the Argan Oil conditioner. Here are the active ingredients: Argan, jojoba, aloe vera, shea butter, pomegrante, green tea, sea buckthorn, and hibiscus for “therapeutic action”. I’m all about that!

I was able to use the conditioner during a recent wash day last week. The consistency was light, which was good.  After massaging and letting it soak for two minutes, I washed it out, and continued with my hair care routine. It left my hair feeling moisturized and hydrated, so that’s always a plus.

I’ll continue to use this product for future wash days.

The company features several products for different needs, so if the Argan Oil isn’t for you, there are others to consider. But definitely check them out if you’re looking for a natural solution for your hair needs.

Thank you again, Maple Holistics!

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