Picking The Perfect Holiday Card

It’s that time again. Finding cards to send to family and friends for the holidays. This is such a great time for me – I love the process, finding the right design, getting my list together.

In the past, I’ve bought boxes of cards at the physical stores. Nothing wrong with that – it’s a great option. But I like to try new things and generic designs don’t cut it for me.  Last year, I used Vistaprint. This time around, I wanted to try something new.

While on Facebook a few weeks ago, I saw an sponsored post for Simply to Impress. I’ve never heard of them before, but I was intrigued and visited the website.

After checking out their styles, and comparing prices, I was impressed. I found a design I liked, modified a few things, and ordered.

Last night, they arrived. If you follow me on IG/Snapchat, you got a sneak peak. I’ll share it on the FB page.

The packaging made me smile – I enjoy a creative layout!

Along with my cards and envelopes, I received a $20 off card for another business. Not too shabby.

Very excited to ship them off this week!

Some advice for future card shopping:

Think about your concept, details, budget, and shipping time before you shop.

Do you have a particular color palette in mind? Are photographs the main focus of your card?

Do you need them in your hands by a certain date? Research the shipping time.

Collect coupons and promo codes.

Depending on the amount you need, or the website you choose from, the price could make you do a double take. But when you get a discount, it’s a sweet deal.

A friend of mine was able to find deals through Groupon, Staples, and Shutterfly.

Little surprises can appear during this holiday season. I just realized I got two extra cards in my order. I’ll take that! Great customer service goes a long way.

The designs aren’t striking your fancy? Create one!

Canva, Photoshop, and other easy-to-use programs have tools to create your template, and then send the file over to be printed.

Here’s the main thing –

Find a card that shows your style, how you feel, and what you want to tell to your recipient.

Simple, elegant, rustic, flashy, photo-friendly. Doesn’t matter. It needs to read “you” when the receiver opens the envelope.

Sometimes the design itself tells all the words in the world. I like to have a nice design that stands out with space to write a note.

How early do you start this process? Some like to get everything ready before Thanksgiving. I’m not at that point yet.

I try to get everything ready by the beginning of the month, so I don’t have to scramble. Plus, I have friends who live outside of the U.S. so I want to make sure they receive their cards in a timely fashion.

But life happens – as long as you send a greeting via physical card, text, call, that’s all that matters. 🙂

Have a great week!


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