30 by 30, My Life

    30 by 30: Part One

    Back to the introspective me…

    What are my goals? 

    How will I get them done? 

    For the next twelve months, I am challenging myself to transition into the best me. So, why not create a fun twist on these goals? A few things I would to do/accomplish/see, etc. by my birthday:

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    Casual Yet Chic

    Casual…yet chic: OOTD #1

    As someone who works in the dance and theatre world, fashion isn’t always a priority.  I wear sweats, yoga pants, tee shirts, and the like.  Comfort is king.  I attempt to spice it up with a colorful and sassy scarf, so I don’t look like a complete bum. Read more

    My Life, Planner Love

    My name is Mel and I am a planner. 

    I don’t know what it is, but there’s nothing more comforting and exhilarating to me than buying a new planner/agenda book. Just adds to my love for stationery, pens, and notebooks.  That’s fine, call me a loser. But I love it.

    Over the years, I’ve collected different types of books to schedule my work load, plan events, and mark down social activities. I’ve used different sizes and formats. I don’t have a particular favorite; just looking for blank spaces to fill things in and use it consistently. Unfortunately, I’m of the mindset that if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember, and it won’t get done! So, why not find something that will work? Read more

    Color Me Badd

    Color Me Badd (Fall Edition)

    Gotta love a nice manicure and pedicure.  It’s one of the ways I “treat” myself after a long teaching year or for a special occasion.  (Psst: I hadn’t gotten my nails professionally until last year. Crazy, right?)  As much as I enjoy being pampered, I buy my own nail polish or borrow one of my sisters’ bottles, and transform my digits.  Yes, it’s cost effective, but I’m the kind of girl who will either wear a shade for several weeks or change it up after a few days. And I have some me time. Read more