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    Wedge Me Up!

    ISO: A nice, classy black wedge. 

    Even though my usual go-to shoe apparel consists of flip flops, riding boots, winter boots (like Uggs), and the occasional sneaker, I do love the idea of having a pump in my collection.  I have a few pairs of heels that I like, can comfortably wear for longer than an hour (old knee issues), and look stylish at the same time.

    I was looking to add a pair of wedges. Something I can wear with jeans or dress pants, or a skirt.

    In September, I went to the Nine West outlet store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, found a great pair – but none in my size.  WHOMP WHOMP. I checked the website – nowhere. DOUBLE WHOMP WHOMP.

    So, I searched around various websites, looking for the perfect wedge at a perfect price. I checked the usual suspects: Target, Nordstrom. Even found a few online sites. Preferably, a patent leather…no suede.

    Where can a girl find a sensible, round-toe black wedge at a price that won’t set me back?! 

    The journey continued. Until I saw this pair at DSW.

    Black Wedges

    Problem was that I could only get them online (they weren’t at the two locations near me).  I knew I wanted to wear them on Christmas Eve (I sang and read a selection during the service), so the search was in high gear.

    Thankfully, I received a coupon a few weeks earlier for $20 off of $49 and I was able to use it and it absorbed the one-day shipping fees. I got the shoes early Christmas Eve. Woohoo!

    They are adorbs.

    Search over! 🙂



    Pizza Date!

    Last week, a friend and I visited Matchbox. Lovely setting, delicious food at good prices. While we caught up on life and everything in between, I ordered a yummy double pepperoni and she chose a piece with chicken, mushrooms, and peppers.

    Add a little filter, and voilà! Read more

    My Life

    Much Love For 2016!


    2015 was fun, very challenging, and actually successful. There were times (a lot of times) I wanted to give up and not try anymore, but I had to keep going. I couldn’t have done it without my faith in God and my friends, who kept me afloat.  I found this quote online and it made me smile! Very true for the people I have in my life.

    Here’s to new beginnings, reaching milestones, kicking major butt, and making our dreams come true in 2016!

    There will be more posts coming in January!

    P.S. The Retype app is really cool. That’s how I made the graphic above.



    30 by 30, My Life

    30 BY 30: How To Disconnect

    Work takes a lot out of me. As the weeks have gone by, more has happened, and I don’t get the luxury to just take time off. Minus the Nashville trip, it’s been non-stop since September.

    I never want to burn out; unfortunately, I let all of my commitments get the best of me. Especially as we approach Christmas… So, I have to think of practical ways to ease it on down.

    Here’s what I’ve been doing to disconnect from the stress and busy times (Also a reminder for myself): Read more


    Going Nuts for Doughnuts!

    Back in the spring, I had a hankering for some doughnuts/donuts.

    You know what that meant.

    Time to make some.

    It was my first time.

    I followed this recipe.  A lot of trial and error. But I was able to get a decent batch or two that day.




    Not too shabby.  Hopefully during Christmas break, I’ll try again with better success!