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I don’t like working out with other people. Nope. I had my reasons: Bad experiences. Feeling judged. Time commitments. Having lofty expectations for myself.  Of course, this became a trouble spot for me.


Last month, my friend, Debbie, invited me to go to a Cardio dance aerobics class with her.  As soon as I heard “Cardio”, my smile fell.  I was nervous – I don’t usually do aerobics anymore, because of my knee. It’s hard enough teaching dance for hours, but I can just stop moving and instruct my students while standing still or marking. This is a different kind of pressure on my body.

This year, I decided to be all about #challengeyourself2017.  That includes shedding the fear of not being perfect and going for it.  (One of my go-to Scriptures when I get extra nervous: 2 Timothy 1:7 – For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.)

But she made it sound really good, so I said yes. Can’t say no to a challenge!

We attended the Dance Blast class – through Body & Soul Fitness.  The instructor was full of joy and encouraging. The other ladies were very nice and I didn’t feel judged at all. The movements were cool and it’s all Christian music with amazing lyrics, which helped me a lot.  I was able to modify some of the jumping and pliés, to protect my knee.  Here’s the fun part: since I’m not teaching, I could stand in the back, actually enjoy myself, and learn the combinations.

I had fun! It was great to move around, exercising, getting those Fitbit steps in. Being able to let go and just go for is a huge stepping stone for me. Yeah, I’m going to miss some steps, I may not be able to go as fast during each routine, but that’s okay. I’m making progress. Burning calories, having a good time, gaining strength, dancing around (which is my favorite). All good things.

Guess what? I returned. Three classes in all. Last night was the last class of the session (I went by myself!).  It was a long day and my knee wasn’t a happy camper, but once we started, I kept it up and finished strong. Woohoo!

I’m glad Debbie invited me. (If you’re reading this, thank youuuuu!) And yes, I’m going to sign up in the fall. It’s nice to have more options to work out and get back into performance shape. (walking, yoga, Pilates, dance aerobics).

How are you challenging yourself this year? Doesn’t have to be a physical thing. Let me know. Even with the ups and downs, you can do it! 🙂


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