Let's read

I just finished Ugly Love.

Girllll… I wasn’t ready!

I made the “mistake” to start reading when I went to bed last night.  Read up to Chapter Seventeen the other day, then stopped.  I don’t remember reading anything so quickly and still remembering many details.   Apparently, Miss Colleen Hoover has a track record of writing some sweet, passionate, heart-wrenching stories. But man oh man, this was a doozy!

Have you read it?  Do you like any of her other books?  If so, which ones?

What books are on your to-read list?  Let me know!  I could always use a good recommendation.  (I tend to go towards the romance with a bit of angst, but I’ll try anything.)  I set up a Goodreads account a while ago and I’m trying to get better at reading/finding ways to wind down after work. Add me, if you like.


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