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Holiday Brunch!

I’ve always enjoyed hosting parties and organizing social events. There’s nothing better than getting everyone together for a good time. I wanted to do something a little different than the party I hosted last Christmas. After a few revisions, I came up with an idea. Brunch! Who can say no to that?  My friends and I love a good brunch during the weekend.

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting a brunch at City Perch Kitchen & Bar in Pike & Rose.  If you recall, I visited for the first time a few months ago.  The experience was so memorable, I decided to return.

When everyone is busy with work and family, it’s hard sometimes to coordinate schedules, but thankfully, it all worked out. Lots of laughs and good conversation. It was great because it was a reunion of sorts. Catching up on what’s been happening in our lives this year, being silly. We were even singing – with harmonies too!

Here’s the setup. Just adorable. I really enjoy the restaurant’s aesthetic. Modern and a little rustic. It was a perfect location for our brunch.

Here’s the crew: Aren’t they a gorgeous bunch? They’re always ready for the camera! 🙂

Once everyone arrived, we ordered our entrees and drinks. The Brunch Box was the way to go for us. For $20-30, why not? The menu has a variety of options: eggs, bacon, waffles, french toast, chicken, salads.  I ordered the Brunch Burger (with fried egg. bacon) and a strawberry lemonade mimosa. Soooooo yummy!

After I gave a toast, and we were finishing, I brought out some Oreo balls as a parting gift.

Our server, Kynoia, was wonderful.  If you visit, ask for him.

We walked down to H&M and since the mirrors looked so nice…

Here’s what I wore; I came straight from church, so I knew I had to wear something stylish and comfy. Sassy cape, cardigan, top, my burgundy jeans from Old Navy, an adorable scarf I received in my work Christmas basket, and my wedge boots from Francesca’s.

If you haven’t visited Pike & Rose, I recommend that you do! Lots of neat spots to go – restaurants, the iPic movie theater, shops. It’s a nice addition to our community.

Hopefully next year, I will have another grand idea in mind to celebrate. Hosting can be a lot of work, but seeing the end result and knowing that your guests enjoyed themselves, it’s very satisfying.

Do you host parties during the holidays? Let me know.


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