When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes.

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Do you write? Maybe not in a sense for the words to be published, but do you take notes?

In a journal that you use for personal reasons? On the computer via Google Docs or Evernote? Or if you have to be creative for work, like me, have something nearby to jot down work, goals, or thoughts?

If the answer is “yes”,  do you go back and look at those notes?

If you haven’t, try it sometime.


When your heart speaks, take good notes. – Judith Campbell


Returning to that pretty journal or trusty document can be quite an experience.  Usually positive and great; sometimes, it’s eye-opening and daunting.

The other day, I went through pages of a notebook and saw what I wrote down back in January and February.  I has a WHOA moment. Sometimes I block out different scenarios that happened and I needed a check in.  Look at how God worked that one out. Or… I forgot about this. I needed to be reminded. I still have to work on this. 

It’s amazing how this process works. Re-reading quotes, Scriptures, lines from a lecture/pep talk, or even a few words that you need to look over or say to yourself. Notes are a visual sign of accountability. They help you remember your goals, keeping track of what’s important…as well as knowing what to let go.


Why take notes? The obvious reason is to remember… – Tom Wujec


We’re halfway through 2017 (yowza!), so it’s a great time to look back, so we can move forward successfully.  Hopefully when you review, there’s no condemnation  – that’s not the point of doing this. It’s all about reflection and refining yourself, your mission, and your goals.

It’s cool to see how far you’ve come in this thing we call life.

You got this 🙂


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