Girl, Where Have You Been?

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*shrugs* I’ve been around. But it’s time to touch base and blow some dust off.

Here’s a sensible recap since my last post… which was many moons ago.

Work, work, work, work, work… Taking on new projects and responsibilities at my jobs. Making connections. Getting refocused. I make myself rest when I’m in overdrive. The rest of the summer will be off and on busy, but everything’s fine.

Photo gigs have been picking up. I’ve named my brand “Joyful Aesthetics Photography”.  A play on my name, plus this certain vibe I’m going for with my pictures. Still working on the website. When it’s up and running, I’ll share with y’all.

Here are some recent previews:

Drove to Connecticut all by myself + attended a film festival panel that featured my favorite actor, Tony Goldwyn.  This was a big deal because – I’ve never driven farther than 3 hours alone and I never go to events like this. But it was a small venue, Tony walked by my chair twice, and it was great to hear him speak about the charities he works with, acting/directing, and other things.  Greenwich is so cute! My kind of town. Excited to visit again. 🙂

Found some cute finds at Talbots, Old Navy, and Charming Charlie for under $100. Two tanks, a sleeveless top, necklace, scarf, shorts, cardigan, and two pairs of sunglasses. Does anyone try to purchase tried and true favorites, as well as something new? That’s my goal this summer.


Spent an afternoon in DC aka National Portrait Gallery. I’ve lived in the area most of my life and have never been, until a few weeks ago. It was great to see all the art and get inspired. I think it was three floors.  I want to bring my siblings along the next time we’re all in town.

Took pics outside for the first time in a while, felt very sassy and happy. (Thanks to Melissa.)

(There’s the top and necklace from Talbots.)

Socializing a little more. When you work at home/solo, it’s good to find time to see friends. It’s good to take some time to regroup and see people you care about and who care about you!

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That’s about it. ‘Til next time. Have a great weekend!



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