Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Hairdo!

Hi friends,

How are you doing? Hanging in there? I hope so. We’ve all received encouragement to keep on moving. That means working in different rooms, picking up hobbies, and changing out of our PJs!

Most of us still need to show our faces for work / conference calls, and connecting with loved ones via FaceTime.

So, what are you doing with your hair? Did you get it done before salons closed? If you’re someone who has been depending on going out to get your hair done, this may be a funky time for you.

I thought of a few at-home suggestions, while we wait, OR for when you just want to make changes and have fun:

1.  Head wraps, turbans, headbands, and scarves

A beautiful way to accessorize! I wear these a lot when I teach or running errands.

You can make your own, using fabric or scarves you have. I’ve used a few lightweight scarves to create the look I want.  For me, I’d rather use bold colors or patterns for my wraps.

Headbands can be so adorable and versatile too! Amazon has lots of options.

Check out the jewelry / accessories section of your favorite stores for new finds.

Also, you can go online and purchase from vendors, like the ones I have listed below:

Sahara HeadWraps (I have a code = Joyfully)

ZEALNYC  — For those like me, who like the pre-tied ones.

(Both are small businesses — Support!) 


2. Wigs

It took me a looonnnnnggg time to get on board, but as I continue to grow my hair out, I’ve been thinking of different ways to style my hair. I don’t always have the time or budget to get my hair braided every 2-3 months, so I finally started buying wigs. OHMYLANTA — I have been missing out! Love the flexibility and adding to my personality.

Here is where I get mine:



Some of my favorite vloggers who give me inspiration: Natasha S., Kie Rashon, and BeautyW Cat.


3.  Try out new hairstyles / Watch tutorials online.

You know all those fun videos you’ve bookmarked? Or saw pictures in magazines you saved?  It’s time to revisit. Maybe you’re striving to learn more, just for your benefit. There is a plethora of online resources on YouTube and Pinterest, guiding you to other blogs and tutorials.


I got inspired to tape myself wearing my favorites: Check out the video!

Still learning as I go, but it’s great to have options! I’m thankful to have items at the ready,  so I can switch it up.

If you decide to order, please be patient. Remember, in the process of shopping, you’ll be supporting others.

How about you? Let me know what you’re doing to add flair to your hair.


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