Fall Decorations and More

During Fall and Thanksgiving time, do you decorate?  As a child, do you remember the table settings and decorations at your relatives’ house? Did you follow suit once you had your own place? Finding ways to bring the warm and rich colors of the season into your living space can be a challenge, but still rewarding.

I thoroughly enjoy fall decor – very cozy. Seeing all the fun pictures online and Pinterest, you can surely get inspired.  No matter your preferences, budget, or time availability, you can accessorize your space well.

The photo above – I used a blanket scarf I got from Target (only $7) as my background, while the decorations, charger, and Mason jar are from Michaels. I wanted to try my hand at table decor.

Some of my neighbors and friends create wreaths with golds, reds, and oranges. That’s always fun to look at.  I have a bouquet of fall flowers in my room that I purchased from Michaels. Just a spruce of color to my desk that is very much welcomed.

Candles and yummy scents also provide a change in your space. I also have my tried and true candles that I light – Apple Cider and Pumpkin. Of course, baking pies and ciders can remind you of wonderful memories.

Places like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx,  and Kohl’s are nice spots to find seasonal items and accessories. Tip – When your favorite stores have sales, it would be great time to scoop up items. Even now, when they’re clearing things out for the winter holidays, you will have things on hand for next year. This also goes for any season. Be on the lookout early on – you’ll have more to choose from.

What about you? What are your favorite scents and colors of the season? How do you incorporate your style into your home, office, etc.?  Let me know in the comments or on FB.


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