Color Me Badd (Fall Edition)

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Gotta love a nice manicure and pedicure.  It’s one of the ways I “treat” myself after a long teaching year or for a special occasion.  (Psst: I hadn’t gotten my nails professionally until last year. Crazy, right?)  As much as I enjoy being pampered, I buy my own nail polish or borrow one of my sisters’ bottles, and transform my digits.  Yes, it’s cost effective, but I’m the kind of girl who will either wear a shade for several weeks or change it up after a few days. And I have some me time.

Autumn has finally arrived, so neon and bright shades are usually exchanged for muted and rich colors. My go-to for fall is a rich burgundy/deep/blood red (example: Wicked by Essie). With the brisk cool air and falling leaves, I get so excited when I feel like it’s time to pull out Wicked.  More about my fall fashion looks/”starter pack” in an upcoming post…

I also love the tinted grey/lavender shade that’s popular between September-November. I got hip to the color when I saw one of my students’ mom rock it last year.  At the time, I never saw anyone wear the shade. It looks grey, but there’s something more to it, and I was drawn to it.  I’ve been on the hunt ever since.

I try to stay within the $15 mark for polishes, so Essie has been a good deal for me. My sister has Chinchilly and I just used it on my nails an hour ago.  LOVE IT. I will have to buy my own bottle very soon. It has the perfect tint I’m looking for – not too drab, but gives an unique vibe that may not be the norm. Another neutral I can use to compliment the outfits I wear.

Here are my nails this morning, with a cup of coffee, of course.

Here are my nails this morning, with a cup of coffee, of course.

Check out my Pinterest board.  Maybe you’ll find inspiration there for a new DIY mani/pedi.

Do you have a favorite color you like to wear during the fall months? Let me know.


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