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Questions with Mel – Part One

Hey there!  How was your weekend?

Thanks for those who sent questions last week.  Here we go…

How do you manage to stay positive even in stressing times?

I’ll do a combination of these things:  Pray, listen to music, sleep, take a drive.  Remind myself that I’ve gotten through stressful times before, and that I’ll be taken care of.

What’s your makeup item must-have?

Lip gloss. Preferably, of the nude shade. 🙂

Where do you get your inspiration for desserts like the cake pops?

Pinterest, being at parties.  Seeing recipes on other bloggers’ websites. Thinking about what to make for my kids and friends.

Are you still Team Peeta? If so, why did you choose him?

Of course, I am still Team Peeta!  Always have.  While I was reading the book, the way Katniss described him and interacted with him, just drew me in. He was the kind of person I wanted to know. I found his characteristics – good and bad – endearing.

Well, this was fun.  I’ll have another Q&A before summer is out.

What are you up to this week? Anything fun? Getting stuff done? Let me know. 🙂

Have a great day!



May 30, 2016

You Got A Question? I Have An Answer.

Spicing it up today. I am opening the floor and letting you take the lead. We are going to initiate a new section of my blog called…
Q & A

Pretty simple, huh?  I think so.  You can submit your questions (random, specific, work-related, lifestyle, etc.) on Facebook, and Twitter.  I will list and answers on the blog. Maybe next go around, I will incorporate Snapchat or another outlet!

I truly appreciate all of you. Thank you for stopping by and “liking” the posts.  Come on over.  Let’s talk. I’d love to know what you’re thinking!

I’ll post my answers on Thursday afternoon. 🙂

BTW:  Adobe just launched a new graphic program called Spark. I am digging it – there are cool templates and font options.  I cancelled my Photoshop subscription (for the time being), but this is a great and free alternative. It is easy to use for blogs and social media, especially for us who may not be as PS-savvy. Check it out!


May 24, 2016