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My Life

    My Life

    Note To Self – Hustle


    Think about the dreams you have.

    Write down your goals.

    Work on being the best version of yourself.

    Separate yourself from the negatives.

    Find the right people to encourage you.

    See the finish line.

    Don’t quit, no matter how hard.

    Make it happen.


    My Life

    One month…

    …Since I turned 30.  The biggest milestone of my life, to date.

    Guess what?  Not much has happened, nothing earth-shattering. Which is a good thing. Although much hasn’t changed, I’m feeling more optimistic and driven about this year and what’s to come.  I’ve reached a few goals, but always a work in process.

    In between wrapping up my year of teaching and other things (like getting better from being sick),  I’ve been resting. Taking time to breathe. Time for myself.

    It’s okay to take time out for you – I’m finally learning that.

    Remember when we talked about our keywords for the year?  How’s it going for you? Are you keeping track?  I’m still pacing myself with mine.  Up and down days? Of course.  But we’re going to make it happen. 🙂

    Sorry for the absence – the show I’m working on opens tonight!

    How are you all doing?  What’s new? Are we friends online?  Let’s catch up on social media  – click on the buttons to your right, under my face, haha.

    Talk to you soon!


    My Life

    Put Your Joy Shades On!

    Hey! How are you doing?

    I’m on the mend at the moment, so I apologize for the lack of posts. I can’t stand being held back by being sick or other downer moments. So frustrating!  But I remembered, that even when things are yucky or trying, there’s always a bright side.  That’s where joy comes in.


    I know. It isn’t always the first thing you think of. Everything else can take precedence, including bad ideas and negative thoughts.  But as you go about your day, view situations through your Joy shades. Think positive! Find the good.  It’s going to work out! May not be the ideal in your mind, but it’s going to work out in your favor. Just give it a shot. 🙂


    My Life

    Hello, 30.


    Here we are!

    Or rather, here I am.

    It’s my birthday.

    I’m 30 years old.

    I don’t think I feel different. I didn’t think I would.

    But there’s so much potential.

    So, on this momentous occasion, this new website has premiered. This is what I’ve been working on for about two months from my previous venture, thirty daydreams.  Slowly, but surely.

    Back story: My middle name is Joy and as I spent weeks on finding a name that could work, the phrase “Joyfully Inclined” came to me.  And it makes sense. I tend to have a joyful attitude (most of the time) or how about this – that’s the goal!

    Yes, I had all of those things on my to-do list back in the fall…But life and such got in the way.  I hope to cross off those items this year.  Still a work in progress, but aren’t we all? 🙂

    Here’s to new adventures and stories, meetings, and life lessons.


    30 by 30, My Life

    30 By 30: Rise And Grind With A Smile!



    I challenge you to do this!

    This is my motto for right now, and possibly the whole year.  Getting stuff done with joy! Stepping out to get the job done consistently. But smiling and feeling good while doing that.

    I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish this coming month, but that’s on top of my regular work and life commitments.  One of my teaching jobs is done for the year and I have a week off from my nanny gig (Spring Break).  My plan is to maximize my free time – with work and leisure.   It’s not always easy to stay enthusiastic when projects are happening left and right. Or maybe certain situations arise and it does not always look like you’re going to finish.

    Quitting could be a possibility. But that’s not what we want. Trust me, I’ve been there.  But there’s hope.  Nothing like that satisfaction when you pass that test or finish everything on your to-do list with time to spare. Also, it feels so much better when you’re not always grumpy. Knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and believing that is quite refreshing!

    Write the vision down.  What are you looking forward to this season? Progress in something? It could be physical, mental, emotional… work-related. Connected with friends or family.  Doesn’t matter. If you really want to reach that goal, you can do it.  Let’s make this thing (insert whatever you want) happen.   Let’s do this!  I’m behind you all the way. 🙂

    How do you reward yourself when you get that pesky item off your to-do list? A favorite snack? Extra time relaxing? Maybe hanging out with friends? There are so many different ways to pat yourself on the back for a job well done  Let me know!

    BTW: The Typorama app is so cute! That’s how I made this graphic and I thoroughly enjoy it.  It’s free, but it costs $4 to get all of the features (fonts, editing tools, no watermark!). I decided to do that so I can make more things.

    Have a great Easter weekend. And if you don’t celebrate, happy regular weekend!