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    Friday Morning Breakfast.

    It’s finally warming up in the DC area. (Cue happy dance!) We had two straight days of 80 degrees.  But thankfully, now we’re back to the high 50s-low 60s – perfect for springtime.  Better weather means more time to meet up with friends over food, drinks, or whatever! I’m always happy about that.

    Yesterday, before I went to teach, we went to La Madeleine at Downtown Crown. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived, which is always nice. The layout of the café is quaint and cozy – so much fun for me.

    We found a spot near the window, drank our coffee, and eat some yummy food.


    I ordered a simple dish of two eggs and a croissant. Doesn’t it look good? I also had a little bit of my friend’s potato galette.

    There’s nothing like having a free morning to see friends. It’s a luxury since a lot of my friends and I are busy bees. A quick chat over the phone or social media doesn’t always cut it. Face-to-face is still the way to go!


    Here’s my cappuccino. I adored this blue mug.

    Here’s to more breakfasts and brunches! 🙂



    Making Oreo Balls!

    I love baking/making food for others. It’s a wonderful way to share and let people know you’re thinking about them. Isn’t food the way to a person’s heart?  I think so. 🙂

    One of my go-to treats are Oreo balls. I think they’re officially called Oreo truffles though.  Usually, this is my signature bring-an-item-to-a-social-event, congrats-to-my-students dessert.  Making these are more cost effective than buying candy or specialty items. On average, I spend less than $10 per batch. (It does help to buy store-brand items.)

    Since I started making them a few years ago, they have always been a conversation-starter.





    The original recipe I used is from here.  Given the occasion and for how many you’re making, the portions vary. On average, I can get about 60 truffles out of the regular recipe (it all depends on how big you make the balls).

    The selling point for me – Only three ingredients, y’all.  THREE!

    I think the X factor is the melting chocolate you use.  I don’t have a double boiler, so I microwave. I’ve used Baker’s and Ghirardelli bars, chips and confectionery coating I’ve found at Michaels’. I should probably buy several at a time, so I don’t have to wander the universe to find my favorites. Found a cool article about which chocolate to use for dipping.

    It can be tedious. Rolling and mixing, waiting for the “dough” to freeze, dipping, re-freezing.  Most of the time, I distract myself by catching up on podcasts or a television show, or just find a good album to sing along to.

    I found some pictures from my Instagram of the finished product.

    Woke up early to dip these for my co-workers! #performanceday #oreoballs

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    Even with all the prep time, the result is worth it.  A burst of chocolaty-cookie goodness and a smile on the recipient’s face. Priceless!



    I Like My Coffee With Cream.

    Yeah, I do.

    It’s a known fact that I enjoy the liquid goodness known as coffee.  Something about it, just makes me happy. When I get home from my morning, I brew a cup.  While I teach, it’s either water or coffee (hot or iced, depends on my mood).  But it’s a given that this is part of my daily routine.  Hey, have you seen my avatar on here or Instagram? Yeah. 🙂

    So recently, I’ve had to adjust my diet for a bit.  I’m re-evaluating different things, finding healthy, energy-fueling, and yummy options for myself. Several hours of searching and finding lists on Pinterest.  That includes the creamer I use. I knew that there were “cleaner” alternatives to the regular creamers in the store (I haven’t been bold enough to make my own before).  I saw a creamer a few months ago and it just didn’t taste good. At all.

    As I walked towards the dairy aisle the other day, I turned to my left, and found the light.  (Cue Hallelujah Chorus.) 


    I found the Simply Pure creamer by International Delight.  As it’s stated on the label, only five ingredients used – a complete opposite than the whole paragraph of items in other products. Not too shabby! It’s not as sweet as I’m used to, but it’s very flavorful and works very well with my morning coffee. So, I’ll be picking this up every time I need a refill to sweeten my daily cup.

    It’s been a constant experiment to replace the junk and switching it up, but at least I was able to find an easy solution for my coffee!

    If you drink coffee with a tad (or lot) of creamer, which ones do you use?  Have you made your own before?



    Pizza Date!

    Last week, a friend and I visited Matchbox. Lovely setting, delicious food at good prices. While we caught up on life and everything in between, I ordered a yummy double pepperoni and she chose a piece with chicken, mushrooms, and peppers.

    Add a little filter, and voilà! Read more


    Going Nuts for Doughnuts!

    Back in the spring, I had a hankering for some doughnuts/donuts.

    You know what that meant.

    Time to make some.

    It was my first time.

    I followed this recipe.  A lot of trial and error. But I was able to get a decent batch or two that day.




    Not too shabby.  Hopefully during Christmas break, I’ll try again with better success!