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    Casual Yet Chic: Jewel Tones For Fall

    It’s easy for me to wear dark colors (mostly blacks) during the colder months, put on a cardigan, dressier jeans or pants, and call it a day.  I admit, it’s boring, but it’s an easy route for me. I’m a creature of habit and comfort is king.  With my lifestyle (dance teacher), I only dress up during church or occasional dinner outings with friends. I’ll spice it up with my accessories or makeup and there’s that.  But I’m still in the process of bringing more color in my wardrobe – in particular, jewel tones. Thankfully, I still have pieces that transition well from spring to fall. Read more

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    Casual Yet Chic: Capes For Days

    Happy Tuesday!

    Next week officially begins our fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and like most of you, I am pumped! One of the main reasons why I’m excited is my wardrobe switch. You know what I’m talking about… riding boots, heavier scarfs, sweaters in darker hues…so ready. Read more

    Casual Yet Chic

    Casual Yet Chic: Dressing Up For Spring (Part Two)

    Last month, I started a series called Dressing Up For Spring. We talked about cute heels, and now here is part two.

    What makes your wardrobe Spring-like?  In my mind, clothes that are lightweight, bright or soft hues,  giving you a warm feel.  Plus, depending on the climate, with spring, you have more options with skirts and dresses, shoes, and more!

    Here are four outfits I’ll be featuring:


    Let’s go through the breakdown, shall we?

    Read more

    Casual Yet Chic

    Casual Yet Chic: Dressing Up For Spring (Part One)

    I love the idea of spring. Not the allergies though! The temperatures creep into warmer digits (or skyrocket in my area), the earth’s colors debut, and it seems like everyone is nicer. I know I’m in better spirits this time of year.

    Y’all know I love the preppy style. A go-between nautical and Lilly Pulitzer.  Something about this trend is so classy.  It’s easier for me to find pieces and work around them. Sometimes what I do is go towards solids (neutrals like white, blues) and then give a pop of color and accessorize with jewelry or patterned shoes or flats.

    Most of the pictures I save on Pinterest have this theme. (Example.)

    We tend to brighten things up with floral patterns, somewhat subdued neons.  Baby pinks and blues, greens, lemon yellows.  It’s just a wonderful scope of possibilities!

    Today’s edition of Casual Yet Chic, our focus will be on shoes.  There’s nothing like wearing cute heels for any occasion. Thankfully, I’ve been able to start wearing heels again since my knee has been getting stronger.  For Easter, I was looking around for new shoes but I opted for nude pumps.  But I’m still on the search!

    Here are some heels that are catching my eyes.


    Floral Heels

    Links: 1.  2.  3.  4.

    Lots of fun designs that will compliment an clean or vibrant outfit.  Most of these pairs are quite accessible for your wallet. (Under $100 – yay!)

    Where do you get your shoes? Do you have any heels or flats that you pull out for spring? Let me know!