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As someone who works in the dance and theatre world, fashion isn’t always a priority.  I wear sweats, yoga pants, tee shirts, and the like.  Comfort is king.  I attempt to spice it up with a colorful and sassy scarf, so I don’t look like a complete bum.

I love looking at fashion blogs, checking out the mannequins at the stores I frequent, browsing on Pinterest to find what I like. I’m trying to do more with my wardrobe when I’m not teaching. Unfortunately, I’m in that weird bracket where I’m too old to wear certain things but yet not ready to jump into the “Misses” section.

Labels are a thing… So, my ideal style is “Casual…yet chic.”  I live for the classic, “preppy” style = cardigans, scarves, flats and riding boots. Along the lines of Lilly Pulitzer, adorable dresses floral. With a touch of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly = clean lines and a sharp heel or sensible flat. But then I’m content with jeans I can move in and a hoodie.

Of course, being able to find great clothes at a great price helps too!

Here’s a “typical” Mel outfit:

A typical Mel outfit

OOTD deets: 

Cardigan, top, purse: Target

Jeans: Loft

Flats: Payless

Scarf: Talbots

What I like about this OOTD: pop of color, trendy layering, and still low-maintenance.

My siblings deem my look as “soccer mom”. I guess… But it’s all good – this style appeals to me.  Not going to lie, I definitely walk into Talbots and Loft more these days. I’m able to find pieces I like, fit my shape, and can use multiple times.  But I will still try to find basics from Forever 21 and Old Navy. Finding a happy medium of an accessible and mature look, but still easy on my wallet. That’s my goal.

Where do you like to shop?


October 8, 2015
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