Casual Yet Chic: Fall’s Here!

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Happy Friday!

I’m doing a celebratory pas de bourrée… my favorite season has arrived.

We got a quick preview a few weeks ago, but it’s starting to cool down on the East coast. Depending on your area, the fall (or maybe you call it autumn) can mean different things. The gold, red, and orange leaves create a gorgeous canvas outside. Our drink choices are warmer. Apples and spiced pumpkins are the scents of choice. Some of our routines (school and teaching) start again. Things are changing again.

But usually, our wardrobes lean towards longer sleeves, more accessories, and richer shades of our favorite colors. That’s a constant.

Is there a piece that you start to wear in the fall?

Or maybe certain accessories or nail polishes that you can’t wait to bring back?

Here are some of mine:

CardiganVest | Sunglasses | TunicBoots | Nail Polish | Scarf | CapeBallet flat

I would call these my “classics”.  Yes, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who sees me in person or visits my Instagram.  Here’s what I usually do: I assemble my basics (t-shirt, long-sleeve, stripes, jeans, dark/colored pants), and then add the items above as layers. Mix and match, bring in some jewelry, and I’m good to go.

How do you find inspiration when you want to add pieces to your wardrobe? Friends, TV, or magazines? Maybe while you’re out, you see a style on someone else that catches your eye.  I usually peruse some of my go-to stores’ websites or favorite fashionistas’ IGs and blogs. Of course, there’s always room to craft a trend or classic style to make it your own, but it’s always nice to get inspired.  Next time, I’ll share what’s on my “to-add” list.

Leave a comment with your faves!

During the cooler months, I’ll be sharing collections of styles – casual, dressy, accessories, etc.  Thanks to y’all on Facebook who let me know where you purchase dressier pieces. I’m going to use that information to curate posts that will be helpful for you!


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