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I don’t know about you, but there are particular shades that I return to throughout the year. Especially during spring and summer. Jewel tones and bold colors have always been my go-to, but I thoroughly enjoy a good blush! You know that soft, princess pink, but with peachy tones? Some many call it “dusty rose/dusty pink”. So nice. It’s a nice departure if you don’t want to wear true pink.

Have a few items that I have in my rotation right now…

I bought this top at New York & Co., two summers ago. I had been looking for any kind of lightweight blouse that I could wear to social events. In the middle of a rack of random clothes, there it was! So happy. I can wear it with jeans, white or black pants. For me, it’s versatile. It’s sleeveless so I can wear a cardigan if I’m in a cooler space. Lately, I’ve paired it with this kimono from Charming Charlie’s. I think it’s a nice color palette, with the darker blue.  (Might be a fave for me because of my love for this combo for weddings!)

(Thanks to my brother for being a good sport while I took pics!)

Here are some other looks I liked:


From New York & Co.


From Nordstrom Rack.


Maybe you’re not into wearing blush. You can find trendy accessories and jewelry for that soft addition of color.

My wallet is from Forever 21; discovered it randomly last year. I think it was in a clearance pile or somewhere, but I’m loving this soft shade of pink. (Similar.) I don’t remember where I bought my cute keychain, but of course, the color drew me to it. And the bowtie? Adorbs.

It must be a running theme for me; the shade I’ve used the last two manicures is Royal Tea by LeChat. It’s this neutral that I like a lot!

Confession: This post has been collecting dust for almost three months, but after I kept seeing Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, rocking the blush pink recently, I had to pull it together and share. She and Kate just love wearing this color. Of course, I approve!  I’m a huge fan of both of their fashion choices, so biased Mel over here. 🙂



Anyway, that’s it from me.  Is there a color you enjoy wearing or incorporate in your wardrobe/style/home decor during the summer? Let me know!


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