Blue Light Glasses!

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With my added time being on the computer (administrator work, blog projects, photography), I need to pay attention to the details. Processes can take hours aka looking at the screen for a long time. Unfortunately, if I’m not careful, staring at a screen for a long time causes eye strain (a problem), which can lead to blurry vision and migraines. That’s something I don’t want! Nobody wants that at all.

Solution for now? Blue light blocking glasses.

I know it’s a current trend. There may not legit proven evidence that the formula works, but why not? If we have to use our computers a lot, might as well protect our eyes. Thankfully, these glasses are offered in prescription and non-Rx (like me!) lenses.

I bought this pair from Amazon. Under $20. They’re lightweight, get the job done, and are stylish, which I like to consider when I purchase eyewear.

Looking for subtle or bold? There are so many colors and styles you can choose these days. You can find lots of glasses on Amazon and other brands’ websites. A few of the brands offer modifications for an extra charge. Here are a few I like. The price point varies from $20-100.



Do you wear blue light glasses? Outside of just stepping away from your screens… how do you combat eye strain and fatigue?

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