A New Way To Make My Coffee

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Happy Friday! How are you doing? Ready to kick off the weekend?

Every year, I decide to buy something and do something fun for my birthday. Most of the time, it’s around my birthday that a bulk of my workload is complete. Think of it as a pat on the back for pushing through the busy part of the year. I wanted to get an espresso machine or an item similar so I can make fancier drinks at home. Mind you, I’m the only person who drinks coffee, so getting a carafe-style machine would be pointless.

Looked online and found a coffee maker that worked with what I wanted…

It was the Ninja Coffee Single-Serve System. It had everything I was looking for. Various settings and a built-in frother.  Decent price point and I knew that when I got it, I would be able to make my favorite drinks without having to stop everything and stop by the coffee shop.

Check this out..  Just when I was going to purchase it, I was in for a surprise. My friends got me the Ninja! Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

There are several options to create your ideal cup. The size amount, the brew strength. Even modifications for the espresso part. I started using it on Saturday and it’s been a blessing! I’m able to make regular cups, and lattes, and iced coffee. Still learning about it, creating new drinks. Now, I’m on Pinterest, figuring out recipes. I should probably get more mugs just in case one of y’all come over and want a cup.

My go-to is a hot caramel latte.  Here’s what I do: I turn on the specialty button, and let the coffee drip into my cup (for a concentrated brew). Once that’s going, I combined milk, caramel creamer, and a few splashes of caramel syrup in a separate cup. Heat it up, then froth it.

A little more work, but once the routine is set, it’s no big deal. I find it very satisfying to pour in the milk with the swirls of caramel and all. Very tasty!

Already, my visits to the coffee shop have decreased. So that’s been good – saving money and not having to go outside when I need to make my coffee and get to work. Still figuring out how to make the best kind of iced latte, but this is great! Happy Mel.

Are you a plain coffee gal? Or do you enjoy espresso? Have any suggestions for recipes? Favorite syrups or recipes for additions to your coffee you’d like to share? Let a sister know.


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