30 by 30: Part One

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Back to the introspective me…

What are my goals? 

How will I get them done? 

For the next twelve months, I am challenging myself to transition into the best me. So, why not create a fun twist on these goals? A few things I would to do/accomplish/see, etc. by my birthday:

Ride an airplane by myself.

This will be a biggie. Heights and I are not friends and that’s been the hindrance that is keeping me from seeing a lot of places and it’d make my travel costs drop substantially (no car maintenance or gas or tolls). Getting on the plane and flying to a destination with none of my friends with me.  Need to brave! So, hopefully I’ll make this happen soon.

Make five new recipes. 

I usually bake desserts, but I need to perfect my meal creating (savories, appetizers). I haven’t been good at keeping this up because of work and life keeping me busy.  Pinterest will help; I have to set aside time to buy the ingredients and actually cooking in the kitchen will be amazing. I think this will be incredibly fun because I love to eat!  I’ll post my progress.

Host a dinner party.

The goal above this one will assist this milestone.  I love to entertain and making sure my friends/guests are taken care of. Dressing up, or chill mode…any opportunity to party is perfect for me. I’ve been pinning like crazy and I want to make some of this visual inspirations a reality!

Accept compliments.

Self-explanatory, right? I am the worst when it comes to this.  I have to do better at graciously thanking someone when he or she says something nice about me to my face, without insulting their kindness.

List #1 done.  Now, to check them off and make it happen!


October 15, 2015
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