Styling A Fuzzy Vest!

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Finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a faux fur vest.¬† It’s always been on my wishlist, but could never scoop one up at the right time. I adore creating a look that gives off a trendy and fancy vibe.

I debuted this cream vest jacket in December; I usually purchase something new for events, but didn’t feel like going full out. As I did some online searching, I found it at Target. End result: layering it over a blouse and burgundy pants for our Christmas Eve service.

A great option to brighten an outfit for fancier outings, church, or when you’re going out with friends. It’s lightweight, adds dimension to your ensemble, and it has pockets. Eek — I love that part. ūüôā

Here’s how I styled it yesterday:

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February 10, 2020

September Recap

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HAPPY OCTOBER! New month, new things to do. You ready to enjoy this month?¬†Decided to write a quick “recap” post and share some wins.

Four things I enjoyed in September:

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October 1, 2019


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great things

In your mind, what does it mean to be consistent? Is it a positive? Daunting? How long does it take for you to form a habit? It is easy? After a few days, do you keep going, or do you try to start over? Or just stop?

I want to encourage you: Consistency is the key. 

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September 24, 2019

Blue Light Glasses!

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With my added time being on the computer (administrator work, blog projects, photography), I need to pay attention to the details. Processes can take hours aka looking at the screen for a long time. Unfortunately, if I’m not careful, staring at a screen for a long time causes eye strain (a problem), which can lead to blurry vision and migraines. That’s something I don’t want! Nobody wants that at all.

Solution for now? Blue light blocking glasses.

I know it’s a current trend. There may not legit proven evidence that the formula works, but why not? If we have to use our computers a lot, might as well protect our eyes. Thankfully, these glasses are offered in prescription and non-Rx (like me!) lenses.

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September 13, 2019

Traveling In Style: Park City Weekender by Initials Inc.

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Happy Friday, everyone! I’m getting ready to do some traveling this fall, so I thought it was time to purchase a new tote! I recently found out about a company called Initials Inc. ¬†Their specialty is personalization, so I thought it would be cool to spice up my gear. The item I bought? The Park City Weekender, in the pattern Bloomsbury.

Just posted a video on my YouTube channel; if you’re interested to hear more, check it out!

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September 6, 2019